About Fire Alarm Testing, Inc.

Our story began in 2003. I started off as a simple installer working for a larger company doing the installations after school or on weekends. Then in 2007, I became an inspector doing the Commercial and Industrial Inspections of Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring Systems. Doing Inspections, I started to see that too many buildings out there are not being inspected and are not being kept safe and up to date. I decided to to make a change and get my own C-10 License to create this company so I can keep more buildings and properties inspected, safe and up to date. I received my C10 License in 2014 and started Fire Alarm Testing, Inc.

Since then, Fire Alarm Testing Inc. has kept many of the residents of the Bay Area Safe. We’ve got the latest equipment and well-trained Technicians, allowing us to ensure the safety of every Fire Alarm System that we Test or Monitor. Our Customers have come to rely on us and we’re proud to serve them and take care of each and every one of them with passion and care. We take the issue of Fire and Life Safety very seriously. At Fire Alarm Testing Inc., the well-being of our community is our ultimate goal. Call us anytime and we will always do our best to serve you.

Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing

Many out dated Fire Alarm Systems May have stopped working altogether, or specific components may have stopped working over the years. It is important to keep Fire Alarm Systems in working condition at all times.

24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring station has been a leader among Central Stations by streamlining the monitoring process. There are monitoring stations in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago and Washington DC so there are multiple back ups stations in place so there is never a time when our Monitoring Stations are not Monitoring our active systems.

Services + Maintenance

The repairs of fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors, and other devices. We thoroughly check through the setup, and do any necessary repairs or replacements.

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