Best Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

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When it comes to managing the safety of your house or any property you may have, one of the many things that any homeowner should be consistently mindful of is fire prevention. Fire is one of the leading causes of house accidents due to manmade causes most of the time, and what makes it even more dangerous is how it can happen unexpectedly and ravage your entire house in a blink of an eye! In order to prevent this from happening, we have taken the liberty to share some fire safety prevention tips to serve as reminders in keeping your house safe and fire-free.

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Be mindful of your electrical plugs and switches and do not leave cooking unattended


Houses are filled with electrical appliances that are used daily to help you with your daily tasks, bringing about convenience and comfort for you. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that these appliances could be one of the main sources of fire due to overheating or improper usage, which is why it takes active mindfulness and responsibility to prevent them from doing so. Consult your user’s manual if you are unfamiliar with operating an appliance, and make sure to switch it off when not in use.

This also goes the same for cooking. Do not, under any circumstances, leave the stove on while cooking. Not only will you burn your food, but this increases the risk of fire spreading throughout your house. Excessively heated cooking oils are one of the triggers, so it will certainly help to keep an eye on your cooking. Moreover, if you are using an LPG (liquified petroleum gas) or any form of cooking gas, make sure that you switch them off when not in use. If you are using an electric stove, remove the switch from the power outlet once you are done cooking. 


Blow those candles off


Whether they’re for blowing off a birthday cake, a substitute for electrical light when there’s a power outage at night, or simply setting a relaxing ambiance in your house, it goes to show that candles have many uses. However, no matter how small and harmless they may seem, it’s important to keep in mind that candles are a strong contender to causing house fires; they are basically an open flame after all. So, make sure to NEVER leave them unattended and put them out before going to bed. 

Install a smoke detector system and a fire extinguisher 


Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are helpful tools to have at home as means of fire prevention. They can reduce the risk of fire home injuries and casualties as long as they are installed properly and are functioning properly. For smoke detectors, they can act as your eyes when it comes to detecting the onset of smoke somewhere you can’t see instantly. Once it does, it will trigger an alarm, prompting you to take the necessary actions to pre-empt it from escalating quickly. 

Fire extinguishers are also handy in helping to put out any small fire that may have accidentally started. It’s important to be aware of its different kinds as well as knowing by being trained for the extinguisher’s proper handling to ensure its effectiveness.

Maintain the functionality of your fire alarm and smoke detectors 


A defective fire system may lead to more destruction and danger to your homes, which is why it’s vital that your fire alarms and smoke detectors are in their best working condition at all times. It’s recommended to have a fire inspector come over regularly so they can check if your system is outdated and needs replacement. 

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Level up your home’s safety with Fire Alarm Testing Inc. 


Here at Fire Alarm Testing Inc., we take fire and life safety seriously. We are equipped with tried and tested equipment as well as highly skilled and well-trained technicians to cater to keeping our community safe and fire-free at all times. We have a monitoring station that operates 24/7, scattered across various states, and is dedicated to keeping an eye out on any fire alarm system that may go off, especially when the premises are unattended. We also conduct Fire Inspections where we check for any defective fire alarms and smoke detectors. We make sure that they are highly functional and can alert the proper authorities once activated on the occasion that there is a threat of fire. To know more about our services, our hotline is open at any time you may need us! Call us at +1(831)247-9642 and together, let us work hand-in-hand in keeping our community safe!

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