Does Your Fire Alarm System Need an Upgrade?

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When it comes to safety and security, a fire alarm system is no doubt, one of the most helpful types of equipment in doing so. They are designed to be efficient and long-lasting for the years to come. However, just like anything that ages over time, it may encounter technical problems. Outdated fire alarm systems may stop working at some point. As such, it’s important to be familiar with its functionality and features so you can easily identify when it’s time to level up your system. 


There will be renovations

A renovation denotes an upgrade of your entire space, and that goes the same for anything that occupies it! You may want to check for anything that is no longer functioning or is outdated. While reusing can certainly be more cost-friendly, adding new features and maintaining an already aging fire alarm system might actually cost you more. There may be new features that might not fit the current model that you own, so might as well get something that will be fitting and aligned to the functionality of your new space.


Outdated model or system

Technology is constantly evolving and having said that, there will always be new and updated model line-ups. Just look at smartphones and laptops for instance. This goes the same for fire alarm systems. In addition to what we have mentioned earlier, there are new features being added from time to time, and your current model will be phased out, one way or another. Not only will the maintenance fee cost you, but it can certainly eat up some of your time as you try to search for certain parts or features to add, but only to find out that it won’t fit at all. 


Malfunctioning fire alarm systems

This one is an obvious indicator that your current fire alarm system might be in need of an upgrade. If your fire alarm appears too insensitive or does not seem to function accordingly as time passes by, such as going off despite having no smoke to detect, chances are your device is already malfunctioning and will need to be updated or upgraded. 


Did you know? Fire alarm systems are recommended to be changed every 10 years!

According to fire experts, fire alarm systems usually have a life span of 8-10 years, and after such a period of time, it is recommended that they are changed or replaced to ensure that they can function accordingly, especially during a time of great emergency. 

That’s what makes regular fire inspections very important; it helps determine if your system already requires an upgrade so it can continue functioning at its best. 

Fire alarm systems are very important devices that can save lives as they help alert everyone in the vicinity to evacuate should a fire crisis occur. So make sure to have it inspected regularly so you can apply the necessary solution for it.


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We understand how troublesome it can be to have outdated or malfunctioning fire alarm systems. Through our transparent and thorough inspections and monitoring, we can assure to aid you in keeping your property and surrounding neighbors safe and fire-free. 

In the event that a fire breaks out, your fire alarm systems will notify the designated authorities and trigger all installed sprinklers to help prevent the fire from escalating while waiting for the said respondents to arrive. This is why it’s important that they are functioning properly at all times.

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