Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring station has been a leader among Central Stations by streamlining the monitoring process. There are monitoring stations in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago and Washington DC so there are multiple back ups stations in place so there is never a time when our Monitoring Stations are not Monitoring our active systems.

In Most people’s perception, just installing a Fire Alarm System is enough for the protection of their building or property. However, one of the critical aspects to be taken care of is when the site is not occupied or tenants currently in the building or that part of the building. Commonly in the evening, weekends, or other times when tenants are not in the building, Fire Alarms go unheard and the buildings simply never get dispatched on from the Fire Department if there is no Monitoring.

Having a Fire Alarm System Monitored is going to help keep the building and occupants safe by informing one of your people immediately after Alarm is activated and by calling the proper authorities immediately when the Fire Alarm is activated and not just when visually seen by bystanders.

A large number of lives are helped protected more safely when a monitoring station like ours is looking out for the properties 24 hours a day, everyday. We not only protect lives through proper notifications, we protect premises and its assets.