Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, Monitoring, and Upgrades

Take fire safety measures to the next level with Fire Alarm Testing Inc. With over 20 years of experience in keeping Bay Area residents safe, we are equipped with the latest technology and training to ensure the safety of the fire alarm systems we test and monitor. 

System Design

The fire alarm system design is an essential component to consider so as to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the vicinity. It’s meant to notify, detect, and devise an effective plan with regard to fire prevention.

Plan Submittals

You can trust us in creating a feasible fire plan prior to submission to the fire department for inspection. 

Budget & Planning Services

A fire alarm system is an investment that needs proper budgeting and planning.  It’s important to have the right tools and resources on hand, such as here at Fire Alarm Testing Inc.!

Expediting Services

The fire alarm services we offer can save your business time, money, and energy.

Our team of experts is trained to the highest standards so that they know how best to proceed with each situation – whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

System Installation

Fire alarm systems Installation can be a complicated process, but our team at Fire Alarm Testing Inc. has you covered. We provide fire system installation and maintenance services for residential or commercial properties in the Bay Area and surrounding areas!

System Integration

With the number of fires increasing in recent years, it’s more important than ever to have a fire alarm system that will bring safety to the community. With interconnected systems, we bring maximum protection through our network computers, allowing us 24/7 access from anywhere!

Test & Inspection

We use our expertise to make sure the community is safe from fire. We conduct thorough inspections for any potential hazards, and to ensure the effectiveness of the fire alarm system should an emergency arise. 
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Maintenance Services

A fire is no place for an amateur. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency services, we can help keep your alarms running smoothly and safely. 

Central Station Monitoring

The fire alarm central station monitoring system is used to keep track of all alarms that are raised throughout an entire building. 

Sprinkler System Monitoring

You can trust our team of experts to make sure that your fire alarm system is operating at maximum efficiency. We offer monitoring services, ensuring peace of mind for you and all members within the property.

Code Approvals

The fire alarm code approvals process ensures that the installation and operation of a particular piece or system meet certain criteria. This is to ensure that standards are being met for the safety and protection of the community.