Fire Safety & Prevention Tips for Bay Area Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to preventing fire incidents, there is no room for mistakes, wherever the location may be. This includes public spaces where extra safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of the general public, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, being just one of the most frequented places by people. It requires extra precaution since most of the occupants of the buildings have special medical needs, where some are even bed-ridden, making the whole evacuation process risky and even life-threatening. 

It is only rightful that stricter rules are imposed, and if you are a healthcare facility owner or manager, you may find this post helpful in ensuring the safety of your facility and its occupants. We have listed some of the most important fire prevention tips that can effectively exercise safety in your facility.


Have a fire evacuation plan

It is a must for commercial buildings to have a well-mapped fire evacuation plan in case an emergency breaks out. Apart from considering all logistical aspects, you should also take note of delegating and training fire wardens who can assist in case a fire emergency does break out in the facility. Training should be regular, as well as holding a fire drill so everyone can practice on what to do should an actual fire breakout.


Keep a smoke-free healthcare facility as much as possible

Smoking can just be one of the many sources of a fire incident. When not disposed of properly, it can either ignite fire or cause an explosion just by reacting with something combustible. If smoking cannot be avoided, it is best to have a designated smoking area outside the building premises and make sure that there are proper disposal areas for cigarette butts to prevent triggering of fire incidents. Likewise, the area should be open so that the smoke will not be trapped.


Be extra mindful and cautious when handling flammable chemicals

Flammable chemicals are present in healthcare facilities, such as oxygen supplies, which are abundant. When not handled properly, these flammable chemicals could start a fire. For instance, patients on or anyone who is nearby oxygen tanks who smoke must be avoided. It’s vital that they are informed and educated on the impending dangers it can cause for everyone. 

This also includes proper disposal of any hazardous waste. Make sure to have a segregation system to ensure that flammable items are disposed somewhere else safer. 


Monitor kitchen use and electrical outlet

Let’s face it – the kitchen and electrical wiring are just some of the most common sources of a potential fire accident, especially when not used in proper condition. Check for any faulty parts and lines and if spotted, make sure to have them repaired or replaced at the soonest time possible. 


Make sure your fire alarm system is functional and up to date

It is vital for fire alarm systems to be up to date in order to ensure accuracy and functionality. Your system will be the one to alert authorities in a timely manner in case of a fire emergency. So make sure that they are properly installed and are functioning accordingly. You can seek help from professional fire technicians to ensure proper installation.

This includes fire extinguishers. You can consider training your staff during a fire prevention training or seminar with regards to proper usage of the said device to make sure that it is used effectively. 


Conduct a regular routine for fire maintenance check-ups with Fire Alarm Testing Inc.

Fire Alarm Testing Inc. has been around the Bay Area for over 20 years in the Bay Area, and has since been equipped with some of the most skilled teams of fire experts and professionals. We are also equipped with the latest technology that will help combat fire problems. Part of our offered services includes routine fire inspections, fire alarm monitoring, and fire alarm maintenance. 

As an organization that promotes fire prevention, we make sure to live by our oath to keep the Bay Area community as well as its surrounding areas safe and sound. Together, we believe that we can work hand in hand in making this happen. We are happy to hear from you and are ready to assist you in any way we can.

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