How Can Your Business Be Prepared For Fire?

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Just like residential spaces, your place of business matters just as much when it comes to establishing fire safety. As we all know by now, fire is destructive and can put yourself, your neighbors, and your belongings at high risk. The importance of fireproofing your place is, without a doubt, one thing to keep in mind at all times. 


As an advocate of fire protection, we have listed down some of the main key steps when it comes to preparing your business for fire protection.


Have a fire evacuation escape plan


Areas that make a good emergency exit are already being identified by architects and engineers at the beginning of the construction of the site. It takes crafting a good strategy to be able to execute a feasible fire escape plan. Offices and buildings have a fire evacuation plan installed in their vicinity in case of an emergency. In fact, this is actually a requirement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for every business operating in the area. This requires careful and thorough planning by knowing the ins and outs of your building and must adhere to the OSHA guidelines and best practices. 


Maintain and upgrade your fire equipment if needed


Part of having a fire emergency evacuation plan is having fire equipment installed in the vicinity. These come in the form of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and detectors to name a few. Make sure that they are all up to date and functional. Anything that is faulty or non-functional should be replaced immediately. A regular and timely fire inspection also comes in a high recommendation as this is when you will be able to instantly check if all your equipment is in the right order and functioning accordingly.


Proper training is required when it comes to handling fire equipment, so make sure that your team members know how to operate one in case an emergency breaks out.


Conduct regular fire drills and train building occupants


As part of the OSHA guidelines and your established fire evacuation escape plan, you should include conducting regular fire drills and training among occupants and team members. The thing about fire incidents is that they happen unexpectedly. Conducting a fire drill will help the occupants become familiar with what to do should there be an actual fire. Over time, this will help occupants move faster and determine where evacuation sites are. Likewise, this will help fire wardens determine what may need improvement on the current evacuation plan. It is highly encouraged for these drills to be taken seriously and with much urgency. An unexpected fire drill is recommended to be done once in a while, as it is believed to catch your staff off-guard, and from there you will be able to gauge their readiness and what may need improvement.


Practice proper disposal of hazardous and flammable materials


Depending on the nature of business, some offices tend to have hazardous and flammable materials around, and if not disposed of or handled properly, this may just be the spark of a big fire. It is important that such materials are disposed of properly. This means having a designated trash bin for such materials. Make sure that any flammable and hazardous materials are stored properly, away from direct sunlight and high temperature. 


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