Six Ways Bay Area Hotels Can Improve Fire Protection Safety


The Bay Area is very beautiful, isn’t it? It’s very urban but still has a lot of open spaces, sights for tourists to see, and has a very amazing view. There are also plenty of businesses running in the area.

That means hotels in the area will pretty much never run out of people checking in! And if you’re a hotel owner or if you’re working in one of those hotels, that’s some good news, right?

Well, yes, but you should also keep in mind that wildfires have always been a natural threat to the Bay Area. That means that you should make your hotel – and by extension, your guests – as safe from fires as possible. 

How do you do that? Well, here are six ways you can improve fire protection and safety. 


Is this really important? 

You might be wondering about this right now as you read through this article. Well, let us tell you in simple terms the effect of a fire – especially if it’s a fire that happens because it’s your fault.

  • Insurance will not save you in case any fire happens because it’s your fault. No insurance company will cover you for your gross negligence.
  • If ever the fire does gut your property, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money just to have it repaired. In the meantime, where will you earn money?
  • And speaking of money, you will likely also be forced to pay compensation for any life lost or for any property damage.
  • The worst that could happen? You could be thrown into jail.

None of that is worth the trouble, right? Might as well work on fire protection of your hotel! It’s less of a hassle that way.

Now, in no particular order – to the ways!


1. Regularly test your fire alarm systems and conduct fire drills.

Why do you need to do fire alarm testing? For the simple reason to see if they still work! After all, fire alarms are the most critical element of your fire safety system.

When the alarm sounds, anybody and everybody in the hotel will know that there is danger and that they to clear the premises. Imagine the hassle (to put it mildly) if there is danger and no alarm sounds, right?

Therefore, you should conduct regular tests of your fire alarm systems. Record the results of the test. Keep a note of which device worked and which didn’t.

After that, show it to a fire alarm technician so that the problem can be quickly resolved.

While you’re at it, conduct regular fire drills as well, especially for the hotel staff. Make sure to announce it to your guests so they don’t panic. These drills will allow the hotel staff to practice evacuating the building in worse-case scenarios.

From these drills, you’ll also be able to see areas that may have fire hazards or which parts of your fire plan need improvement. 


2. Clearly communicate your emergency action plan to the hotel staff.

If you’re in charge of the hotel, you must have a written emergency action plan for employees. Each of them must have a copy so that they know what the exit routes and emergency procedures are. These plans must also dictate the actions employers and employees need to take during actual fire emergencies. 

Examples of these are directing guests to the nearest exits or helping injured people exit the building. You have to make sure that all hotel staff understand the fire-suppression procedures and escape routes. Otherwise, they’ll be a liability during actual emergencies.

Make sure to also review the emergency action plan with employees from time to time. Just because they heard it once doesn’t mean they won’t forget it, right?


3. Keep your fire extinguishers close.

You may have fire extinguishers in your hotel, but are they within easy reach, or are they easily accessible at least? Remember, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, extinguishers should be placed 75 feet apart throughout the building. 

Guestrooms don’t need to have fire extinguishers but extinguishers should never be more than 75 feet away in the hallway. That way, guests can easily get one if necessary.

Speaking of extinguishers, make sure they’re carrying the correct level of fire-dousing chemicals. If they’re not, make sure to have them replenished, whether you have used them or not. 


4. Main exit sign lights.

These exit signs have lights for a reason. If ever a fire happens, smoke can make it difficult for people to see, making it harder for them to reach the exit. The light on the signs will make it easier for them to see where to go and get out of the hotel.

Since the light in these signs are made to switch to the hotel’s emergency power in case there is no electricity, you have to make sure they get regular testing and see if they’re working properly. Otherwise, they won’t be of any use during a fire!


5. Get rid of clutter in walls, doorways, and along the hallways.

A lot of things in the hotel can be fire hazards, such as large bulletin boards wrapped in paper, or business areas with a lot of documents. Any small flame can use these as fuel to become bigger and more destructive. Make sure these things are removed and placed in areas where they can’t feed the fire.

Also, make sure hallways and paths to emergency exit doors are as clear as possible. If you have boxes or trash blocking the way, get rid of them! Having a delayed exit may mean life or death, especially in the case of a fast-moving fire.


6. Don’t forget to hold regular inspections.

A hotel should have each emergency light, fire alarm, extinguisher, and sprinkler inspected every year. Do not neglect this yearly necessity. Otherwise, your fire safety system may not work in those times that you actually need them to.

Once the professional fire inspection company is done, you’ll receive a report which will include the date of the inspection, any issues that need to be addressed, and so on. Keep this file so you have a reference of what has been done and you can keep track for future reference. 


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