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    Sunnyvale Fire Alarm Installation Company

    Sunnyvale Fire Alarm Installation Company, Fire Alarm Testing, Inc. is the leading provider of fire alarm installation and testing services in the Sunnyvale area. They specialize in designing and installing custom-made, top-of-the-line fire alarm systems that meet all relevant safety standards and building codes. Their team of experienced technicians are certified to install a wide variety of brands and models of fire alarms, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, as well as other specialized components. In addition to installations, they also provide comprehensive fire alarm testing services that include functional testing, system functionality tests, and annual maintenance visits. With their expertise in the industry and commitment to customer service excellence, Fire Alarm Testing Inc provides the highest quality fire protection for commercial buildings in Sunnyvale.

    Our Services

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    Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing

    Many out dated Fire Alarm Systems May have stopped working altogether, or specific components may have stopped working over the years. It is important to keep Fire Alarm Systems in working condition at all times.


    24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Our monitoring station has been a leader among Central Stations by streamlining the monitoring process. There are monitoring stations in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago and Washington DC so there are multiple back ups stations in place so there is never a time when our Monitoring Stations are not Monitoring our active systems.

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    Commercial Service

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    Residential Service

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