The Basics of a Well-Designed Fire Alarm System

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When it comes to ensuring fire safety in the building, a well-designed fire alarm system is one of the things to consider, but by “well-designed”, what exactly does it necessarily entail? Does it pertain just to the aesthetic and design aspect of the device? The answer is…well, not really. It is certainly nice to have an aesthetically-pleasing fire alarm system but on top of it, it should also include being highly functional, which is the main basis for being well-designed.

If you are picking out a fire alarm system for your building or thinking about getting an upgrade, we’ve listed out some of the main basic components that comprise a well-designed device.


Becoming familiar with the main components of a fire alarm system

Just like the human body part, a fire alarm system has its own parts that function in a similar manner, such as the fire alarm panel being the brain as it oversees and controls the overall fire alarm system. 

To have a clearer understanding, let us take a closer look at the flow of a fire alarm system:

  • Fire Alarm Panel – As mentioned earlier, this is like the brain. It oversees inputs and outputs and circulates information throughout all connected devices.
  • Power Supplies 
  • Primary – The primary power supply is powered by an electric power company but is a non-switched 120-240-volt AC source.
  • Secondary The secondary power acts as a reserve power energy for the fire alarm system in case there is a power outage. 
  • Initiating Devices – This can either be automatic or manual. An automatic initiating device usually comes in the form of smoke detectors, or basically, anything that can be triggered by the forms of flames, smoke, or anything that may signal a fire. A manual initiating device, as taken from the name itself, will require a manual trigger for it to be activated, such as someone breaking the glass or pulling the lever to activate the system. 
  • Notification Devices or Appliances – These will come in the form of audio and light devices to signal the occupants of the building to evacuate as quickly as possible. Think of flashing lights and the ringing bells you hear in audio speakers.
  • Emergency Communication System – Also known as the Emergency Voice Alarm Communications System (EVACS), this prompts the occupants with verbal commands as they evacuate the premises during an emergency. These are usually programmed, which proves to be greatly helpful especially in areas that are quite hard to exit (e.g. large and busy spaces like arenas and high-rise buildings)


Follows the fire safety system state code

It is a must for fire alarm systems to meet certain requirements that are in line with the state’s fire safety code as provided by the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA 72’s National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. This is to ensure that your alarm will function effectively and safely, especially should an emergency situation arise. In addition to this, your alarm system will also have to adhere to local rules and regulations and the ones set by your building property too. So when looking for your new fire alarm system, you can seek an expert’s advice or guide to ensure that the one you are planning to get adhere’s to regulations set by authorities. 


Make sure your fire alarm system is equipped with the latest technology

Technology advancement sure comes at a big advantage and we can’t deny that it has a lot to offer when it comes to improving our lives. The more advanced a building or facility is, the more advanced a fire alarm system is needed as well. This is to ensure that it can effectively be functional during the time it’s needed the most. One great thing about advanced fire alarm systems is that it reduces the chances of errors such as false alarms, prolongs device life, and promotes overall effective fire safety measures.


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