Top Fire Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

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It’s the holiday season! Time to deck your halls with boughs of holly, as the saying goes. And holiday decorating is always something fun. Of course, as much as trees, candles, lights, and various other decors add to the holiday cheer, they can also easily catch fire and ruin the occasion for you. 

Of course, in no way are we suggesting that you don’t decorate at all. There’s no fun in that. But just because you’re decorating and enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you can’t also stay safe and fire-free. Read on for our top fire prevention tips while preparing for the holidays.

Have your fire alarm system checked.

Let’s get this one crucial thing out of the way at once. Before you even start decorating, prioritize Bay Area Fire alarm inspection and testing services. Schedule an appointment at once so that you can find out if your fire protection system works. Bay Area fire alarm inspection experts can check if you have working smoke alarms and if the alarms have enough batteries to work in case of a fire. Remember, smoke alarms have a limited lifespan of ten years! 

The experts can also check for proper smoke alarm placement, such as if the alarms are too close to walls. 

Once you pass the standards of Bay Area’s best fire alarm inspectors, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that you have the proper protection in case of any occurrence of fire. And speaking of the best fire alarm testing company in Bay Area, CA, there’s no one better than us at Fire Alarm Testing Inc. Our services not only include fire alarm testing but also fire alarm monitoring in the Bay Area.

Contact us immediately and set an appointment so you can have peace of mind during the holiday season.

Keep fire extinguishers at hand.

Alarms are necessary to warn you of fires, but as any of the Bay Area fire protection services will say, it’s best to have something to put out fires before they get stronger. And that means you should have fire extinguishers ready at all times. Why not water? Well, you might be dealing with an electric fire, especially if the fire starts from holiday lights or an overloaded electrical system. And if you use water to put that out, you might get electrocuted.

Of course, do make sure that your fire extinguishers are adequately filled. Even if the extinguishers have never been used, it is best to have them checked and refilled to ensure they will work properly in case of a fire.

Always take note of your candles.

Candles are always great to have during the holiday season. They provide additional warmth and a friendly, cozy ambiance. Plus, some even have delicious, delightful scents. However, candles can also easily be the source of structure fires if they are left unchecked. So here are some things you can do to prevent massive fires from your candles.

  • Keep matches, candles, and other open flames out of children’s reach. They might be tempted to play with them and start a fire as a result. The same goes for curious pets!
  • Keep your candles away from curtains, bedspreads, and rugs, and all other flammable materials. You never know when a candle might fall over and set things on fire.
  • Speaking of which, use candle holders to make sure they do not suddenly tip over and fall. And make sure that your candle holders are sized correctly! If the holders are too big or small, they won’t hold the candles properly.
  • Always extinguish candles before you leave the area. Never exit without first making sure that the candles are no longer burning. It’s safer to blow them out instead of leaving them as potential fire starters.
  • If you can, use battery-operated candles instead. You won’t get the warmth of a traditional candle, but you’ll still get the same mood. Of course, make sure not to keep them on if ever you leave the house, as they can also get hot and be the source of a fire.

Keep your tree from burning.

Whether you’re going with a real one or an artificial one, trees are standard decorations during the holiday season. They’re fun to have, especially once filled with lights and decorations, but that also makes them a potential fire hazard. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your tree – and the rest of your property as a result – do not go up in flames.

  • Make sure your Christmas tree is watered daily to keep it hydrated. If a tree isn’t watered for three days, it dries out. And once it dries, it can easily catch fire. 
  • Speaking of which, once it dries out, and especially after the holiday season, make sure to dispose of it properly! 
  • When picking a tree, get one that has healthy, green needles that won’t fall off easily when you touch them. Falling needles are additional fire hazards.
  • Make sure the tree has a sturdy stand, so it won’t fall over easily. Especially make sure it doesn’t fall right into your fireplace or somewhere just as bad!
  • With that in mind, make sure the tree is at least three feet away from heat sources in the room, like the fireplace mentioned above. Other heat sources include radiators, heaters, candles, lamps, and heat vents.
  • If you’re going to pick out an artificial tree instead, try getting one that is certified or guaranteed by the manufacturer as a fire-retardant one. That way, you have one less fire hazard to worry about.

Light up without catching fire.

Decorative lights definitely add to the season’s festive mood – as long as they don’t catch fire, of course. Here’s what you can do with the decorative lights.

  • Always inspect your lights before using them this year. Some may need to be changed already. If you can afford to, buy new ones, as you can be sure that their quality will be better than the old ones. Old lights may already have frayed cords or broken or loose bulbs.
  • Don’t settle for cheap lights. You might save plenty of money buying them, but if they short quickly and start a fire, you’ll definitely be spending more – and not just money.
  • Do not hang lights on bare or partly bare branches. The branches may dry faster thanks to the heat coming from the lights and might catch fire.
  • Set the Christmas tree lights on a timer or switch so you can quickly turn them off at the end of the workday or at night.
  • Do not plug your lights in extension cords that already have a lot of other devices plugged in. You are increasing the potential for electrical fires by overloading electrical circuits.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season can be an excellent time to spend with family and friends, but it can also be a hazardous time if you’re not prepared to deal with fire. Make sure you follow our fire safety tips before you start decorating for the holidays. That way, you can fully enjoy the season without fear of sudden loss of life or property destruction.

Happy holidays, everyone!