Why Fire Alarm Inspections Are Crucial Before Attempting a Repair


Fire is one of the deadliest risks that all property owners face, whether it’s your home or your business. During a fire emergency, it’s possible to lose everything, including your life. But while it is hard to predict a fire ever occurring, you can most certainly prepare for it.

Imagine the things that could go wrong with all the heating and cooking equipment plus electrical wires all over the building. That is why having a fire alarm is among the major factors that can make any building safer. Besides, it’s in the law!

But despite an alarm being required by the law, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is still putting out startling numbers. According to them, one home fire-related injury occurs every 47 minutes. And in 2021 alone, 1,353,500 fires resulted in 3,800 civilian deaths and 14,700 injuries!

One of the possible reasons for this is that fire alarms are not working as well as they should. So it’s not enough that you have a fire alarm – any alarm requires regular repairs and maintenance. 

And before you get to that point, you have to have your alarms inspected. Why?

Well, in this blog, you’ll learn why it is crucial to conduct a professional inspection first before attempting any repairs on your fire alarm.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


But first, what is the main purpose of a fire alarm system?

Let’s recap why a fire alarm system is important.


It detects fire.

A fire alarm system has specialized sensors that detect fire via smoke, heat, or both. An effective system should also be capable of being activated manually. If someone sees fire before the smoke or heat reaches the sensor, he or she should be able to trigger it.


It alerts the people within the building.

When the fire alarm system is triggered, it will alert occupants via bright lights and really loud audio alarms.


It alerts authorities, especially the fire department.

A fire alarm system that meets the standards of a California fire inspection company should have this smart feature included. It should automatically notify the fire department, ambulances, emergency response teams, and even police officers. This is to give them an ample head start to respond and to assist building occupants and prevent the fire from becoming an even bigger threat.


What are the benefits of a working fire alarm system?

As already discussed above, fire protection systems are an essential part of a safe workplace. Aside from safety and protection of life and property, other benefits of being alerted to possible fires include the following: 

  • The property will have a better resale value since there’ll be no extra cost for repairs, since little or no fire will occur.
  • The majority of fire-damaged facilities won’t reopen and would result in job losses. In short, keeping your building as fireproof as you can will contribute to job security.
  • Fire protection systems that are properly maintained and installed may result in lower insurance costs.


Why inspections before repairs are crucial

While there’s no such thing as making anything completely fire-proof, it doesn’t mean you can’t prevent fire before it grows into a real problem. And to do so, fire safety inspections are just as important as making repairs.

You might raise an eyebrow with the additional money and time it would take to get a proper fire alarm inspection. However, not skipping this step would save you time and money in the long run. In fact, it might save you and your property, period.

Regular detailed inspections of your equipment can spell the difference between life and death in the case of an emergency. As it serves as your primary warning device, the effects can be catastrophic should it fail. Your first line of defense against a residential or commercial fire must function when you least expect it.

This is why routine fire alarm inspection is so important. 

By thoroughly checking your fire alarm, you can pinpoint the exact issues that need fixing. You save time by not having to tweak the ones working fine and risk messing them up. Without inspection, you may fix the superficial issues but miss out on other, potentially more serious, issues.


Why is it important to hire professionals to do the fire inspection?

Your local fire department usually performs annual fire inspections. However, hiring a company of specialists can provide the same expertise and provide solution more tailored to specific fire alarm systems. The best thing about a professional company is that you can get help from them anytime.

Professionals are more thorough and capable of performing diagnosis. They’ll be able to detect and point out even complicated risks and hazards in your system. You’ll be provide with an in-depth report and specific suggestions you can forward to your repairmen.

That’s why getting help from the right people is as important as performing an inspection itself. 

Get someone who has the knowledge and skills, and can understand the applicable codes, standards, and ordinances of your state or city. This is to ensure that your existing alarms are compliant with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72).

If you get non-pros to do the inspection, you won’t be sure if they will actually do a good job. Plus, you’re not sure if what they do will pass muster from the authorities.

Save time and additional expenses by just getting pros to do the job. 


How often should fire alarm systems be serviced?

This would depend on your local fire safety law, but it is generally recommended to have your fire alarm systems serviced every six months. However, it wouldn’t hurt to check on your devices as regular as weekly. It is recommended that you check your system every week or month to make sure the batteries are working just fine and the system is in working order.

Better safe than sorry!


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